Amoss – Tripped / Why Do We Fall

So on to Horizons 53. Another fine pair of releases from the mighty Amoss lads.

They keep coming with the goods on Horizons having just featured on there 50th release and with an album on it’s way there seems to be no let up.

Both tracks have got that real Amoss feel to them, stripped back head nod music ready to own dancefloors. Horizons caught up with Amoss for a quick chat about the two latest offerings. Check the interview out here.

You can purchase your copy of ‘Tripped’ and ‘Why do We fall on both the 12″ and digital from the Horizons Music Store, Redeye and Chemical now.

Also for those that missed it, we caught up with the guys for a little chat about future plans as well as for there Codecast installment which is currently doing really well, if you have’nt heard it check it out now.

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